Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Ghost Division

I am really getting excited as I prepare for my first go at Rommel. Having decided on my basing convention, I grabbed my 6mm armies painted in the '80s and did some touch up work and started remounting. Finally, at 3AM, I was finished and just needed to add the static grass this morning. I did some research and chose the 11th Panzer Division as my MW and LW army for the Eastern Front. An element of the 75th Infantry Division was added as "leg" support.

Elements of the 11th Panzer Division prepare for the coming offensive!

All infantry units are mounted on 40x30mm bases. This allows room for transport vehicles and the labels and will fit the 3 unit stacking limit into both 6" and 4" map grids along with identifying terrain in the square. 

Armor and artillery are mounted on 30x40mm bases to allow some depth so the gun barrels do not hang over the edge and allow for the transports to be placed behind the artillery where they belong.

An element of the 75th Infantry Division

Some units in Rommel report to the "Parent" and not to any specific Kampfgruppe (element) so I based those types of units on 40x40mm bases to stand out. As I expand the army or add some touches after the basic mounting, this will allow for some room for cool dioramas using figures not needed for the higher level game Rommel portrays. 

The divisions ready for a fight!

I have ordered some Marders and s18 150mm field batteries to add some more variety to my army lists. The labels are laminated so I can use dry erase marker to ID the unit and add the combat values and armor ratings, if needed, while still retaining flexibility if I change the division, the unit type, i.e. from infantry to Volksgrenadier infantry or the values change from mid-war to late war. 

So there is my starting venture into Rommel. Now all I need is to start all over again with my Soviets. Then it will be showtime on the field of battle. Until then...

Happy gaming!


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