Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Gasgan Project - Bow Levy Complete.

Welcome back. As I mentioned previously, I wanted to practice on my optional contingents for this army amd learn the figures and practice my palette. If you recall the main feature of these sculpts, and the challenge for me, is skin. Give me tunics, chainmail, plate, robes, large shields, whatever and I am all over it. Skin, however; is my weak spot and it cannot be one for this army. So, here we go. I briefly discussed my flesh tone palette earlier and was happy with it. After I posted some early samples, my friend from down under, Greg, suggested I needed more definition so another highlight was added. The sequence turned out to be Idrian Flesh base, sepia wash, Khardic Flesh highlight and finally, a detail highlight of Midland Flesh. Thanks Greg as I am very pleased with the results. I hope you are too.

Bow Levy

I have to admit this is my best effort. Old eyes, unsteady hands and a bad back are tolerated for the love of painting. Comments, criticisms and suggestions are welcome but I may not be able to comply as I think I have reached my skill peak here. I'll always try though!

Bow Levy

So there they are. On to the warband elements which I will do 4 stands at a time. I get bored with production lines that take too long to see results. I need the satisfaction of completion as motivation. More of same as the only change is painting javelins, axes and shields while saying good-bye to bows and quivers. I hope I can match my warband results to the bow levy.

Until the next update...

...Happy Gaming!


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