Thursday, August 10, 2017

My mantra - one project at a time. Really?

We all fight the same disease that is that mountain of unpainted metal. We may tackle it in different ways but it never seems to reduce in size. I decided the best approach was to stay focused and complete one project at a time. Here's a progress photo...

So much for the mantra. You see finishing figures for the Sumerians. On the left is the Akkadian project mid form. The plate is full of cattle, sheep, goats, buildings and accessories for villages and camps needed for Triumph! On the table is my new Khurasan Miniatures' Gasgan army. While I don't need this army until Cold Wars in March I am just so intrigued by the figures I just had to assemble them and put a brush to them.

I'll keep you posted on all, I mean, each project as it progresses. In the meantime...

...Happy Gaming!


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