Friday, August 11, 2017

Cold Wars Project. The Gasgans.

At every HMGS convention the "Two Davids" run their spectacular and fun themed campaigns. While it use to be for DBA, it now is for their excellent Triumph! rules. Themed for Chariot Supremacy, I opted for the wild tribesmen of the Zagros mountains - the Gasgans, also known as the Kaski, or Kaskians - who many scholars believe were a major contributor to the downfall of the great Hittite Empire.

To this end I chose the really nice Gasgan line from Khurasan Miniatures and could not wait to get started on them.

Khurasan Gasgans after clean up and there was very little of that as expected from a relatively new line. Very good detail and pose variety per pack running 3 to 4 poses which should bring the army to life on the table.

I am approaching this project differently than in the past. I opted to start with the lower level optional troops as opposed to the main feature figures. I did this for a few reasons.

First off, the predominant feature of this army is skin. That is where the detail lies and is somewhat of a weak spot in my painting skills. Normally I just apply a midtone flesh base and wash with sepia. On some armies I applied a touch of highlight flesh here and there. For this project I had to choose a level. These are not going to be showcase or entered into any painting competitions so I don't need several layers of shade and highlight. I also do not want to simply paint for the "3' rule" as that would not do the figure line justice. So, let's meet half way and call it an "18" rule".

Secondly, having selected my quality level, starting with "lesser" optional troops will help me learn the sculpts as I go and practice where the muscle detail is and how much highlight to apply since that is what will draw the eye on these figures.

Primed and ready for paint. I chose white primer. There will be very few main colors as they are mostly skin so I want the colors to pop. Due to the detail I also want to use thinner paint than I usually apply. If I were to use black I would need more coats for coverage and defeat the purpose.

Lastly, while most painters have a palette of colors in mind, whether from images, reference text, or simply just figuring out the likely dress from the era, culture or whatnot, it is only as good as the first few painting sessions and your palette may change. This is especially true for your shades and highlights. These troops will allow me to develop that final effect I want to see on my main body of troops and the specialty elements like commanders, chariots, bodyguards, etc.

Here is my first test for the skin. I went with a base of Dark Flesh and a sepia wash. I picked out the muscle definition with a highlight of Midland Flesh. I think it is good for the 18" rule. Any additional highlight may be unecessary. Your thoughts?

So let the journey begin. I hope you will follow along and feel free to comment with criticisms and suggestions. Any help is appreciated. Until next time...

...Happy Gaming!


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