Friday, September 1, 2017

Russians mobilize for Rommel

Continuing my MW forces, I rebased my 6mm Soviets for Rommel. After a little light reading I chose the 29th Tank Corps. The 29th Tank Corps was a tank corps of the Soviet Union's Red Army. Formed in February 1943, the corps served through the entire war, fighting in the Battle of Prokhorovka, the Belgorod-Kharkov Offensive, the Battle of the Dnieper, the Dnieper–Carpathian OffensiveOperation Bagration, and the East Prussian Offensive. After the war ended, it was converted into a tank division.

29th Tank Corps

In Rommel, the Corps consists of 3 Tank Brigades, 25th, 31st and 32nd, along with the 53rd Motor Rifle Brigade and Corps assets of 2 152mm Heavy Artillery Regiments and 3 Katyusha Rocket Artillery Regiments.

31st Tank Brigade

As with my Germans, the labels are laminated so I can easily change organizations and values for historical scenarios and periods of the war.

Corps assets.

Now having both sides I can introduce my gaming friends to Rommel as many of them have not completed, own, or started their forces. Excitement abounds around the LGS as we all gear up and I have my first Rommel game this Sunday! Cannot wait!

Until then...

...happy gaming!


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