Tuesday, May 31, 2016

15mm DBA Armies - part one

Successor States

Here is a large collection of elements l used to construct the various Successor State armies. Many of the figures are true 15mm and have a charm of their own. They have fought many battles and some elements are showing their wear but are still highly usable. Rebasing will be required for those that want themed or matching bases.

Burgundian Ordonnance

A very nice army with some extra elements I did up to add for another game. 

Lusignan Cypriot

This is a nice army. Must be something in the feathers but this army never lost a DBA game in 10 tries. One of my quirky favorites!

Various Arabs. You have to forgive me but it has been a long time since my DBA days. I know the elements in the foreground are miscellaneous Arabs I had gathered for more flexibilify in building the numerous Arab lists in the game. The second row is a Hindu Arab list. It is noticeably missing the elephant mounted General. I had converted that base for my Tamil Indian ADLG army. Still a nice addition, or start, to your own ADLG list or just acquire a general. They are Essex figures. The 3rd row is an Arab Conquest list I believe. Maybe the (b) or just a later list. You can offer up on any or all of them for bulk purchase.

A closer view of the Arab Conquest

Finally, a nicely painted matched pair - Feudal French and Feudal English.

That is it for this post. I will be adding many more 15mm DBA armies and a few 28mm collections over the next few days.

Make offers!

Happy gaming!


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