Monday, April 25, 2016

Defend the village - a BFaS skirmish

All the forum posts and all the painting and research add depth to our hobby but do not replace the star of the show... the game itself. After a long layoff Scott and I arranged some time to get a couple of skirmishes in.  I am painting Imperials but they are not ready for battle so the trusty Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth came out of the box.

The Forces:

Planning on facing Scott's Ottomans, I looked to change lists. I have had absolutely no success in the past against them and needed a change. I opted for the Lithuanian Skirmish Force (1643-1654). I felt this list gave me some good options against my nemesis.

Colonel 3 CPs
6 bases Elite Cossack Style Cavalry with spears
7 bases Dragoons
2 bases Tartars
3 bases Elite Reiters
4 bases Elite Pancerni

Total FSP: 12 Recon: 25 points

As expected Scott took his Turks from the box. He was trying the new list from the Armies of By Fire and Sword supplement recently released - Turkish Garrison of Raszkow. This force consisted of: 

Jusuf Pasha 3 CPs
12 bases European Sipahi (6 with lances)
8 bases Janissaries
6 bases Besli Cavalry
1 Mounted Aga

Total FSP: 10 Recon: 14 if I recall correctly 

The Scenario:

Scott, being the weaker force, rolled 3 dice and gave us the scenario choices. Once again Defend The Village was one of the results and selected by Scott. Of course, with Janissaries to occupy the buildings and having a mounted arm comparable to mine in quality and quantity why wouldn't he?

Deployment and my first turn. Advance on the left with Reiters screening the approach of a 2 company Dragoon force. As Scott made a rare error, I was able to advance up to one of the village buildings preparing to occupy it on turn 2. Scott has a special rule which he decided not to use at the last minute. Although it had benefits, it makes the Janissaries impetuous and they would charge out of the buildings. Without spending FSP, none left, he was forced to abandon one building. On the right, Tartar style cavalry screen my Elite Cossack and Elite Pancerni force. Scott advances into the village and positions his Sipahis to face my mounted. 2 banners of light cavalry swing around the woods on my right threating my advancing Reiters and Dragoons.

Sipahis and Cossack cavalry start the dance. I need to survive his initial lance advantage over my spears! Pancerni position for follow up charge if needed as do the remaining Sipahis. Ottoman light cavalry work around my left flank. I mishandled my positioning and my dragoons are now in danger and unable to support any attack on the village as planned.

The initial combat is a success with the Cossacks driving off the Ottomans. The best I could hope for with the bonus for the Lithuanians as the enemy lances have now shattered. 
A closer look.
Meanwhile the Lithuanian left is in pure defensive mode constantly withdrawing to stave off flank and rear attacks from the nimble Ottoman horse archers. The center sees ineffective fire on both sides.
The Tartar style cavalry move up to harass the orderless Sipahis and tempt the other Sipahis to charge while the Pancerni position for a potential flank countercharge. 
The Ottomans don't take the bait so the Tartars withdraw letting the two cavalry forces clash. The Cossacks receive a charge order to go after the orderless Sipahis.
My left continues to deteriorate as casualties mount on the dragoons.
The retreat continues!
Ottoman sipahis withdraw out of range as my charge fell just short allowing the Ottomans to freely move away. The Pancerni receive devastating flank fire from the Janissaries in the village but manage to drive off the enemy Sipahis. Casualties are mounting.
Ottoman cavalry withstand the charge of the Cossacks! This was anticipated to be a win that sends the Ottomans off the battlefield but it was not to be this day. The remaining Ottoman forces reorganize as the Lithuanians are too weak to press on.

The Lithuanian left is in full retreat. The right exhausted suffering heavy losses. A 6-0 Ottoman victory.

Another defeat at the hands of Scott's Ottomans. Well played by Scott and a lot of fun. BFaS never disappoints! Until next time...

... Happy Gaming!


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