Saturday, July 29, 2017

The partisan returns.

Wow has it been a while since I have posted anything. I hope to change that soon. I had taken a hiatus from my hobby of some 50+ years but it has roped me back in. I simply love it too much.

Recent news is I have reconnected with many friends from the old DBA community. Some of the "elders" have developed a new ancients wargame called Triumph!. After the schism when Phil Barker, author of the renowned DBA system, decided to upgrade the version from 2.2 to 3.0, many of us did not like the direction the game was taking. We decided to tweak 2.2 and call it 2.2+. Somewhere along the line legal threats reared their ugly head so those same "elders" formed the Washington Grand Company and broke away from dealing with anything DBA. The core of Triumph! is DBA in spirit as you can't copyright things such as element, base width, combat factor, etc. You get the idea. This allowed Triumph! developers to expand, enhance and experiment with the system bettering the gaming experience. In its early release stage, and so close to completion, Triumph! is proving to be a great success. Many demo games, events and tournaments were held at Historicon this month and interest was high from new players to the old grognards of DBA. With over 600 online army lists there is something for everyone especially given the expansion of troop types. I am hooked and it has rekindled my passion for painting.

Speaking of painting, I have completed my 15mm Sumerian project started years ago and have moved on to their conquerors, the Akkadians. Next on the table is the continuation of a project started over 10 years ago, my Seleucids. The army is complete for gaming as is but it has too many different manufacturers' figures, different basing styles and varying paint quality. I want them to be a cohesive, complete and themed army and want to expand it to play Grand Triumph! which is a triple size army used for doubles tournaments.

I am prepared for the Triumph! Fall In campaign having selected the Picts for the Viking Seas event. It is already painted and transferred well from DBA to Triumph! without any rebasing or additions required.

For the longer term, I have selected an army for the Chariot Supremacy Triumph! event planned for Cold Wars next March. I chose the Gasgans and will place an order for the really nice Khurasan figures. I am just waiting for the release of the final figure pack of bodyguard infantry which I have been told will be released soon.

On other fronts, I continue to play Blucher, an Honour Series game by Sam Mustafa, on a regular basis. My string of victories has ended with a humiliating French defeat at the hands of my friend Elliott's Austrians last Thursday.

I highly await Sam's next Honour Series release, Rommel, due to go live later next month or early September. More painting! I will definitely blog more on that when I get some games in under my tunic.

Enough for now. In the meantime...

...Happy Gaming All!!!


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